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actually harm the beast (see the sidebar “A humane harvest” for more
about what harvesting involves). Also note that some animals, such as
white owls, butterflies, doves, and squirrels, are considered decorative
animals and can't be harvested.
If you're desperate for coins, you can sell your animals for a small sum.
Simply click the animal with the Recycle tool, or click the animal with the
Multi tool and select Sell from the drop-down menu. Because animals can
earn you lots of coins over the long run through harvesting, we don't rec-
ommend selling an animal unless you really need coins immediately or des-
perately need to clear space on your farm. Note that you can't sell animals
before reaching level 7. (See Chapter 8 for more on reaching new levels.)
Certain types of animals, such as chickens, horses, and pigs, can be placed in
shelters for easy harvesting and a chance at secret items with each harvest.
See Chapter 9 for more on getting and using animal shelters.
FarmVille gives you several ways to obtain animals, including the following:
Adoption: As you play FarmVille, every so often a pop-up notification
appears, asking whether you want to find a home for a lost, lonely
animal. You can't keep the animal for yourself, but if you click Share,
you can post a message about the lost animal to your Facebook news
feed. Your neighbors can then click the link in that message to adopt the
animal and place it on their farm. Likewise, if you see a lost animal on
your friend's news feed, you can click the link to adopt it for your farm.
(It will appear in your Gift Box.)
Note that only the first person to click each news feed link can adopt the
animal in question, so keep your eyes peeled and your clicking finger
ready. Also note that some types of animals are available exclusively
through adoption.
Receive as a gift: Animals are often featured on the FarmVille Gifting
page, discussed earlier in this chapter. Receiving free animal gifts from
your friends is one of the easiest ways to fill your farm with life, so
encourage your neighbors to send you animal gifts any way you can.
Purchase: Many animals can be purchased from the FarmVille Market
directly with either Farm Cash or coins. Usually, limited-edition animals
can be purchased only with Farm Cash. See Chapter 6 for more on using
the FarmVille Market to purchase animals.
Pets in FarmVille, including puppies and dogs, are just like regular animals,
but with extra features and requirements. They follow you around the farm
as you move, ready to help at a moment's notice.
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