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5. Wait for your crops to ripen.
Planted seeds can take anywhere from two hours to four days of real
time to ripen and be ready to harvest. You can check on your crops
during this ripening time by hovering your mouse over a seeded plot
to display, as a percentage, how ripe the crop is. When a crop is fully
ripened, it changes appearance and displays as “100% grown” when you
hover your mouse over it.
If you wait too long to harvest crops after they ripen, they wither into
shriveled, brown husks that are not worth any coins. If this happens,
you have to go back to Step 1 and re-plow that plot of land. The time it
takes a ripened crop to wither is the same as the amount of time it takes
for that seed to turn in to a ripened crop.
6. Click the Multi tool and then click a fully ripened crop to harvest it.
Farm Coins are added to your account based on the harvest value of
seed planted. The plot of land turns into a light-brown, fallow piece of
land. Repeat this step as often as necessary until all ripened crops are
harvested. This piece of land can then be plowed and seeded again in a
repeat of the cycle that drives much of the FarmVille economy.
Diversifying Your Farm
FarmVille is about more than just harvesting crops. The game also offers ani-
mals and pets to tend to, trees to grow, and decorations to place. Although
none of these options is strictly necessary for a successful farm, they can
help add a personal, lively touch to your farm as well as earn you some coins
and XP in the process.
Farm animals
The types of animals available in FarmVille aren't limited to just those tra-
ditionally found on farms. Elephants? Check. Penguins? There has to be
a Penguin farm somewhere, right? Pink Cows? You bet (isn't that where
Strawberry Milk comes from?).
Besides making your farm look cute, animals can also be a profitable part of
your farm. Just as you harvest crops for coins, so can you harvest most ani-
mals every so often, also for coins. A pink indicator icon above the animal
tells you when that animal is ready to harvest. Simply click the animal with
the Multi tool to collect your coins. Each animal has a specific gestation
time before harvesting and yields a specific number of coins when har-
vested. Despite the grisly sounding name, harvesting an animal doesn't
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