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Plowing, seeding, and harvesting
The majority of your time and effort in FarmVille involves the continuous
cycle of plowing, seeding, and harvesting of various crops. The following
steps walk you through starting this cycle on your first farm:
1. On the Tools menu, click the Plow tool and then click any open plot of
land on your farm.
You can also click existing, fallow plots of land (indicated by their light-
brown color) to plow them and make them suitable for planting. A small
square of dirt (or plot) that you plow turns a darker brown. You can
repeat this step multiple times until your field is full of plowed plots, but
remember to leave some Farm Coins available to purchase seeds in the
next step.
Plowing a plot of land earns you one XP and costs 15 coins per plot.
2. Bring up the Market menu by clicking on a plowed plot or by clicking
the Market icon (shown here in the margin) in the Tools menu.
The Market menu appears. Not all seeds will be available for purchase at
first, but you will unlock more as you gain higher levels (as described in
Chapter 8).
3. Click the Buy button underneath the seed you'd like to plant.
Each seed on the Market menu is labeled with a preset amount of time
before the crop will be ready to harvest. Try to plan ahead so that you'll
be available to harvest your crops soon after they're ready. If you don't,
your crops may wither to useless husks.
Also take into account the price of the seed you're purchasing (shown
next to the coin symbol) as well as the eventual harvest price and the
number of XP gained for each harvest. For more on planning your farm-
ing schedule and navigating the Market menu, see Chapter 6. For recom-
mendations of some good seeds to choose, see Chapter 17.
When you click the Buy button, the Market menu disappears and the
chosen seed shows up next to your mouse pointer.
4. Click a plowed plot to plant the purchased seed.
The plowed plot becomes a seeded plot, as indicated by small buds of
your planted crop. Coins are removed from your account to purchase
the seed at this point, and XP are added to your total (the exact number
of each depends on the specific seed you chose).
You can repeat this step as many times as you'd like to seed multiple
plowed plots. If you want to plant a different seed in some plots, click
the Market menu icon in the Tools menu and return to Step 3.
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