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Clothing: Click the Clothing button at the top of the menu; then choose
which item of clothing you want to customize from the drop-down list.
Clothing is divided into two separate categories: clothing in your inven-
tory and clothing in the FarmVille Market. For the clothing in your inven-
tory, simply click the Use button underneath the item of clothing you'd
like to see on the sample farmer on the right. For clothing in the Market,
click the Buy button below the item to add it to your inventory, where
you can put it on or take it off at your leisure.
You can also click the Try On button below an article of clothing in the
Market to see what it will look like on your farmer before purchasing
it. After you've tried on a fully assembled ensemble of Market clothing,
click the Buy Now button underneath your farmer preview to buy all the
items simultaneously. The Total price for all the clothing items is listed
in the price tag underneath your farmer, and you can see an itemized
list of the items you'll be buying by hovering the mouse over the letter
I in the upper-right corner of the price tag. You can also click the Reset
button to take off any clothes your farmer is currently trying on.
Save and Close: When you're happy with the way your farmer looks,
click the Save and Close to see your new avatar on the farm.
You can bring up the Customize My Farmer menu at any time later on simply
by clicking your farmer.
Figure 3-6: The Customize My Farmer menu.
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