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In-Depth Information
Starting Your Farm: Level 1
Every farmer starts out with the following statistics and in-game currency:
Level: 1
XP: 0
Coins: 240
Farm Cash: 5
Plowed plots of land: 6 plots
Total farm space: Enough for 144 plowed plots (12 along each edge of
the square farm space)
The game starts you off with a small interactive tutorial that instructs you on
the farming process, but in this section, we walk you through your first har-
vest, so feel free to click the Skip This Tutorial button and keep reading.
Customizing your farmer
When you load your farm for the first time, a menu pops up to let you cus-
tomize the look of your farmer avatar. This avatar represents you in the game
and “physically” walks around to perform various in-game tasks on different
parts of your farm.
You use the Customize My Farmer menu, shown in Figure 3-6, to change vari-
ous elements of your avatar's appearance, such as skin color, hair, facial fea-
tures, and clothes.
Here's a quick breakdown of how to use the major portions of this menu:
Gender: Click the Gender button at the top of the menu; then click
either the male or female outline to change the gender of your farmer.
Facial Features: Click the Facial Features button at the top of the menu,
then choose the facial feature you'd like to edit from the drop-down list.
Click the Use button underneath the facial feature you'd like to put on
your farmer, and it will immediately appear on the sample farmer on the
right. Your changes aren't permanent until you click the Save and Close
button at the bottom of the menu, so don't be afraid to try a few options
to see which one you prefer. Make sure to click the right and left arrows
on the sides of the menu to see all the options for each facial feature.
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