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would survive such a move intact), it can be incredibly useful in
FarmVille when you're trying to rearrange an entire field of plots
quickly. That's the beauty of virtual farming!
Plow: Click the green hoe icon on the top-center section of the Tools
menu to choose the Plow tool. Clicking the Plow tool on any unoccupied
portion of your farm turns that small square into a plowed plot of land,
suitable for planting. You can also use the Plow tool to re-plow a fallow
plot of land after it's been harvested, although you can also use the
Multi tool for this purpose.
Plowing land with the Plow tool doesn't use any fuel, but it does require
many more clicks than using a vehicle such as the Tractor or Combine
to get the job done. It also requires you to wait for your farmer avatar
to sloooowly walk over to the area you want plowed to carry out the
action. (If you block your farmer, you don't have to wait for your avatar
to walk around; see the tip in the “Block your farmer” section, later in
this chapter, for instructions on how to block your farmer.)
Hovering your mouse over the Plow tool expands the menu to include a
variety of FarmVille vehicles (assuming that you've purchased the vehi-
cles from the FarmVille Market). Chapter 6 tells you how to use vehicles
to speed up your planting and harvest.
Co-Op Farming: After you've reached level 20, an icon showing three
farmers in front of a checklist appears in the top-right corner of the Tools
menu. Click this icon to display the Co-Op Farming menu. This menu and
the co-op farming jobs it describes are discussed in Chapter 12.
Ribbons: Click the blue ribbon icon to bring up the Ribbons menu,
which presents the requirements for a variety of ribbon achievements.
We discuss these achievements in detail in Chapter 11.
If you hover the mouse over the blue ribbon icon rather than click it,
the Collections icon appears. Clicking this icon brings up the Collections
menu, which displays how many collectible items you've gathered and
how many more you need to complete each set. Collections are dis-
cussed in Chapter 11.
Market: Click the Market icon in the bottom row of the Tools menu to
buy seeds, decorations, buildings, animals, and any other item for sale in
FarmVille. (We cover the FarmVille Market menu in depth in Chapter 6.)
Gifts: Click the blue present icon to bring up your Gift inventory. This
menu shows all the gifts that you've collected but not yet placed on your
farm. The number in pink above the icon represents the number of gifts
currently in your box, which can't exceed 500. For more on sending and
receiving gifts, see Chapter 4.
Hover over the Gift icon to bring up the Storage icon, which you can
click for access to the Storage menu and your stored items. For more on
storage, see Chapter 11.
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