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around. Unless otherwise noted, when we say to click something in this
book, we mean to click it with the Multi tool selected.
Hovering the mouse over the Multi tool icon expands the tool to a menu
with two additional tools, Recycle and Move (note that these tools may
appear on the main Tools menu on new farms). Note that, for the most
part, you can access the functions of these tools simply by clicking an
item with the Multi tool and choosing the appropriate action from the
menu that appears. However, using these more specific tools can let you
perform some repetitive tasks more quickly:
Recycle: Click the white recycling symbol to choose the Recycle tool
and quickly sell any item on your farm for Farm Coins with a single
click. If an item has no coin value — such as a plot for planting —
clicking it with the Recycle tool simply deletes it. Note that even
when an item does have a resale value, it will usually be much lower
than the price you paid to purchase the item.
The first time you use the Recycle tool after using another tool, a
pop-up notification box appears, asking you to confirm the dele-
tion by clicking the Accept or Cancel buttons. Don't just automati-
cally click Accept; you may permanently lose an exclusive item
that can be hard or impossible to reacquire. Double-check what
you're expecting to delete first.
You can prevent the notification box from popping up again by
selecting the Turn On Quick Delete check box, which suppresses
warnings for any recycled item worth fewer than 1,000 Farm Coins.
You can also select the check box labeled “Don't warn me about
selling of deleting decorations until I switch tools” to suppress
warnings about all decorations. These warnings can be useful,
however, if you're trying to clear out a whole section of knick-
knacks but don't accidentally want to destroy your nearby crops.
Move: Click the white hand icon to select the Move tool, which you
can use to move anything on your farm. Clicking an item with the
Move tool once picks it up; clicking again drops the item in its new
Note that two objects can't share the exact same location — if the
object you're holding appears slightly translucent or has a red box
showing underneath it, at least part of it overlaps with another
object, as far as the game is concerned. Try dropping the object
back into its original location and then clearing out some space in
your planned location before moving the item again.
You can even use the Move tool to pick up and move square plant-
ing plots, whether they're fallow, plowed, or seeded. Although
moving plots doesn't jibe with real life (we doubt that topsoil
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