Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Toggle Full Screen: Clicking this icon toggles between Full Screen mode,
which makes the game area fill all the available monitor space, and the
regular view, which reduces the game area to a small window on a larger
Web page.
Note that you can use the Esc key on your keyboard to quickly exit Full
Screen mode and return to the regular view. This doesn't work the other
way around, however. Also note that certain in-game actions, such as
visiting a neighbor's farm, or certain other events on your computer,
such as having your antivirus program running a scan, may automati-
cally cause the game to exit Full Screen mode.
Take a picture: Click this button to display a menu that allows you to
take a picture of your farm. You can then save this picture to your com-
puter or post it on your Facebook wall. For more information on taking
pictures of your farm, see Chapter 14.
Controlling the view
When the view is zoomed in to a close-up of some area of your farm, you
may want to move the view around to see other areas. To do so, just click
and hold the mouse button anywhere on the farm and then move the mouse
in the direction you want the view to move. Release the mouse when you're
done moving the view to continue farming.
Walking the farm
Clicking any open spot on your farm causes your farmer avatar to walk over
to that location. Although this kind of idle movement doesn't serve any spe-
cific purpose in the game, it can be useful for positioning your farmer to be
included in pictures of your farm.
Getting to Know the Tools Menu
The Tools menu in the bottom-right corner of the FarmVille play area is the
heart and soul of the FarmVille experience. You use the tools on this menu
to do everything from planting crops and buying seeds to accepting gifts and
taking part in co-operative farming missions — and everything in between.
The more familiar you become with these tools, the more effective your vir-
tual farming will be.
Here are the options on the Tools menu:
Multi: Click the white arrow in the upper-left-hand corner of the Tools
menu to select the Multi tool. This white arrow is the default cursor that
you use for most basic actions in FarmVille, including planting seeds,
harvesting trees and animals, and moving your viewpoint of your farm
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