Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Note that clicking the Ribbons, Masteries, or Medals icons further
expands the menu to show breakdowns for each achievement by color
or star level. Click the small white arrow to collapse the Stats menu
again. For more on what all these achievements mean, see Chapter 8 for
level, Chapter 9 for buildings, and Chapter 11 for the rest.
Comments: Click the picture of a speaking person in the upper-right
corner of the play area to bring up the Comments menu for the current
farm, as shown in Figure 3-5 and discussed in the bullet describing the
Sign Post, earlier in this list.
Fuel Display: Located on the bottom-left corner of the game area, this
icon displays how much fuel you currently have for vehicles. The
number in the green area indicates how many full tanks of fuel you've
earned, and the yellow bar indicates how much of the current tank
remains. For more on using fuel and vehicles, see Chapter 6.
For a precise measure of how many plots you can plow, seed, or harvest
with your current fuel, hover your mouse over the Fuel Display icon.
Neighbor bar: This bar lists all your FarmVille neighbors, organized
from left to right according to their total XP. Use the arrows on either
side of the bar to scroll the list in that direction. The single arrow moves
the list one neighbor at a time; the double arrows move the list one page
at a time; and the arrow with a vertical line jumps you to either end of
the list.
Clicking a neighbor's name or picture on this bar brings up a menu let-
ting you send gifts, visit and help your neighbors farm, or invite new
friends to your neighbors list. For more on interacting with neighbors
using these options, see Chapter 4.
Viewing your farm close up or from afar
You use the three brown buttons sitting above the Tools menu in the bottom-
right corner of the play area to control how you view the current farm.
Zoom In: Click the icon of a magnifying glass with a plus sign (+) to
zoom in the in-game view for a closer look at the current farm.
Zoom Out: Click the icon of a magnifying glass with a minus sign (-) to
zoom out the in-game view for a view that covers more land.
You can also use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in (flick the scroll
wheel up) or out (flick the scroll wheel down). If the scroll wheel is
moving the entire Web page rather than just the FarmVille view, try
clicking the FarmVille game area to gain control of the viewpoint.
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