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Figure 3-5: The Comments menu.
Note that you can select optional check boxes on the Comments menu
to copy the comment to your neighbor's Facebook wall or to leave the
comment as a message sign, which then sits on the farm and is perma-
nently readable by anyone who clicks it.
On the Comments menu, you can also click the Visits tab to show which
neighbors have recently visited your farm. Click Report Abuse to go to a
Zynga Web site where you can report abusive comments. (See Chapter
13 for more on contacting Zynga User Support for this and other issues.)
Farm Name: In case you forget, this area displays whose farm you're
currently visiting, even if it's your own!
Stats Bar: Clicking the Stats icon underneath the Farm Name icon displays
a rundown of the number of the various in-game achievements earned by
you or your neighbor. From left to right, these numbers represent:
Constructed Buildings
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