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The Options menu features the following three options:
Toggle Graphics Quality: Clicking the eye icon lets you choose
between high- and low-resolution graphics. Although running the game
with lower-quality graphics gives in-game items a rougher appearance
and more jagged edges, it also may help FarmVille run more smoothly.
Try turning down the quality to see whether it helps your playing
Sound On/Off: Clicking the speaker icon toggles the sound effects on
your farm, including animal noises and vehicle exhaust sounds.
Music On/Off: Clicking the music note icon toggles the familiar
FarmVille theme music.
Keeping Track of your Farming Stats
The FarmVille interface is loaded with informational icons, but don't feel
overwhelmed by all those icons. As you play the game, you'll quickly grow
familiar with them. Each of the icons in the following list represents an essen-
tial aspect of effective and efficient farming:
Coin Display: Displays your current amount of Farm Coins. Note that
this number updates in real time as you buy items and harvest crops.
For more on obtaining and spending Farm Coins (and Farm Cash, next
on the list), see Chapter 5.
Farm Cash Display: Displays your current amount of Farm Cash. Note
that even when you gain Farm Cash through a purchase or by leveling
up, this display may not update until you reload the game.
XP & Level Meter: Displays your current amount of accumulated experi-
ence points, or XP, which are signified by the white number) and your
FarmVille level (shown inside the yellow star). The size of the white bar
indicates roughly how much progress you've made toward your next
level. Hover over any portion of this display to see exactly how many XP
you need to reach your next level. (For more on levels, see Chapter 8.)
Sign Post: Clicking this button allows you to place a Sign Post or leave a
comment on your farm a farm you're visiting. After clicking the icon,
click an empty portion of the farm to bring up the Comments menu, as
shown in Figure 3-5.Type your message in the text box and then click the
Post button to add your comment to the farm's comments thread. These
comments are readable by anyone who visits that farm, so don't write
anything you're not comfortable sharing with the wider world.
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