Game Development Reference
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The Get Farm Cash tab: Increasing your farm's assets
Clicking the Get Farm Cash tab on the top menu displays a page where you
buy in-game currency to purchase items and farm upgrades. We tell you all
about how to use this menu in Chapter 5.
The Game Card tab: Redeeming
your FarmVille Game Cards
Clicking the Game Card tab on the top menu displays a page where you can
redeem your FarmVille Game Cards. You can use Game Cards to purchase
Farm Cash or Farm Coins. We tell you more about how Game Cards work in
Chapter 5.
The FarmVille Requests tab: Taking care
of actions awaiting your attention
Clicking the FarmVille Requests tab on the top menu displays the FarmVille
section of your Facebook Requests page, as shown in Figure 3-4. This section
lists a selection of in-game events that require action on your part, including
the following:
FarmVille gifts sent to you by other players: These free items appear in
your Gift Box after being accepted.
Neighbor invitations: Requests from fellow Facebook friends who would
like to be FarmVille neighbors with you.
Neighbor help requests: Accepting these requests will send the
requested item to your neighbor, or help them with an in-game event
such as a barn-raising.
Note that this tab appears as inactive (grayed out) if you have no pending
FarmVille requests, in which case you should bug your friends to send you
some more gifts, already!
To accept a request, you click the Accept and Play button next to it, and a
new page appears, asking whether you have more gifts or requests to accept.
Clicking Yes returns you to the Facebook Requests page, whereas clicking No
takes you directly to the FarmVille game page.
If you accidentally click the wrong button, don't worry; you can just click the
Play tab or the FarmVille Requests tab to get where you want to go, and your
request will still be accepted.
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