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Figure 3-3: The My Neighbors page.
The My Neighbors page is the only place where you can remove deadbeat
neighbors — those who have become inactive farmers — so remember to use
it to keep your neighbors list lean and pruned.
The Invite Friends tab: Recruiting more neighbors
Inviting your Facebook friends who don't play FarmVille to join in the fun is
easy. Just follow these steps:
1. Click the Invite Friends tab in the top menu.
The Invite Friends page appears with a list and pictures of your
Facebook friends.
2. Click the names of whichever friends you'd like to invite to play the
You can also use the Filter Friends drop-down menu to filter your
Friends list by personal networks, or you can type a name into the box
labeled Find Friends to jump to a specific Facebook friend.
3. Click the blue Send FarmVille Request button.
Any Facebook friends who accept your invitation to play FarmVille don't
show up as your FarmVille neighbors until they accept your neighbor
request. See Chapter 4 for more on sending and accepting neighbor
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