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On the Friend Selection screen, you can type a name in the Start Typing
a Name box to jump straight to a specific Facebook friend. In addition,
you can limit the list to fellow FarmVille players among your Facebook
friends by clicking the FarmVille Friends tab atop the list.
4. Click Send FarmVille Gift Request to send your gift.
The Play tab: Heading down to the farm
Clicking the Play tab always redirects you to the play area for your farm,
where you seed your crops, place buildings and decorations, and so on.
Clicking Play while you're already on your farm refreshes your page with the
latest version from Zynga's servers, but you need to refresh your page only
if your connection falls out of sync for some reason. (See Chapter 14 for help
with synchronization issues.)
The My Neighbors tab: Keeping in touch
with your FarmVille neighbors
Clicking the My Neighbors tab brings up the My Neighbors page. As shown
in Figure 3-3, this page displays information about your current Facebook
friends who play FarmVille. Each friend is grouped into one of the following
three categories:
Pending neighbor requests
Each friend's current FarmVille level, number of earned achievements, and
number of neighbors are displayed. You can use the buttons on the My
Neighbors page to do the following:
Send a neighbor request to your non-neighbors
Cancel requests sent to pending neighbors
Remove active neighbors from your neighbor list
You can also send free gifts to both neighbors and non-neighbors, as
described in the section “The Free Gifts tab: Sending gifts to your neighbors,”
earlier in this chapter. For much more on interacting with neighbors, see
Chapter 4.
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