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Figure 3-2: The FarmVille Gifting page.
To send a gift, follow these steps:
1. On the top menu, click the Free Gifts tab.
The Gifting page appears, showing an array of available gifts.
2. Select the radio button under the gift you want to give and click
Proceed to Send
Note that some free gifts may be labeled as “Locked.” This label signifies
that your farmer isn't at a high enough level to send that gift yet. (For
more on attaining higher levels, see Chapter 8.) Also note that some gifts
may be labeled as “ exclusive” or “iPhone exclusive.” You
need to access the game on those platforms to send the gift.
When you click the Proceed to Send button, the Friend Selection page
3. Select the check boxes for any number of friends to whom you want
to send the gift.
Note that you can send only one free gift per friend per day. If you've
already sent a specific friend a gift today, that friend does not appear on
the Friend Selection page.
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