Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Getting Around in FarmVille
and Starting Your Farm
In This Chapter
Navigating FarmVille
Using the FarmVille menu
Getting your farm off the ground
Assuming that you've set up your Facebook account and your first
FarmVille farm, you're ready to get farming. After reading this chapter,
you'll be harvesting your farm like an expert virtual farmer — and you won't
even have to break a sweat.
The first sections of this chapter describe all the menus and
icons that you use to play the game. If you prefer to get
straight to farming, skip to the “Starting Your Farm:
Level 1” section and flip back to earlier sections when-
ever you want to know how to get to a particular
area or use a certain tool. Finally, we present a few
quick tips that will get you on the road to virtual
farming success that much more quickly.
Using the Top Menu to
Navigate FarmVille
The top menu consists of six brown tabs and a FarmVille
Requests button located above the FarmVille play area (see
Figure 3-1). The following sections explain the items on the top
menu and what you can access by clicking them.
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