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Another mobile device perk is the ability to send exclusive free gifts to your
neighbors. Although anyone can see the exclusive items in the Market or on
the Gifting page, they are labeled as locked if you're not using an iOS device.
These iOS exclusive gifting items change frequently, so be sure to check your
device frequently for new gift opportunities.
You can download the FarmVille app by searching for FarmVille on your
device's App Store, or you can download the app to iTunes by visiting
id375562663?mt=8 . For more on installing mobile apps on your iDevice,
see iPhone For Dummies , 4th Edition, by Edward C. Baig and Bob LeVitus
Turning Facebook friends into FarmVille neighbors
Starting a farm can be lonely without anyone to farm with, so the best way
to jumpstart your farming frenzy is to add your existing Facebook friends to
your FarmVille game as neighbors. Neighbors are integral to the FarmVille
experience, as we discuss in more detail in Chapter 4. You can start with
people who already play or invite those who don't to join. Asking friends who
already play and sending out invitations to those who don't is a great start-
ing point for neighbor acquisition, and as a bonus, you are adding people you
actually know! FarmVille neighbors make farming more fun and more pro-
ductive by increasing your coins and experience points. (Chapter 8 tells you
more about experience points.)
Suggesting FarmVille to friends
You can invite your Facebook friends to play FarmVille by accessing the My
Neighbors tab found above your FarmVille Home Page. Your friends have to
accept your invitation to play and also must add you as a neighbor before
they show up on your Neighbors list.
Inviting friends who don't play FarmVille
To invite your Facebook friends who don't play FarmVille, simply click the
Invite Friends button located at the top of your FarmVille game's Home page
menu. The Invite button triggers a list of all your Facebook friends. Scroll
through the list and select the friends you want to invite. You can invite up to
40 friends at one time.
Adding friends as neighbors
Maybe you already have some Facebook friends playing FarmVille but just
don't know it. You can find out who is playing and add them as neighbors by
clicking the My Neighbors tab located at the top of your FarmVille game's
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