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Figure 2-5: The e-mail preferences menu.
Finally, features a different site layout surrounding the game
than the familiar, minimalist design found on Some users
prefer the layout over Facebook's because it's chock full of
FarmVille news and updates. As an extra bonus, is also free of
Facebook's user-targeted advertising, which some players find bothersome.
Playing FarmVille from your mobile iDevice
In June 2010, Zynga launched the first mobile FarmVille app for the iPhone,
iPod Touch, and iPad. The FarmVille app offers access to the same farm you
maintain on or, only now it's literally at your
fingertips on the go, wherever you go!
As a perk of using the FarmVille app for your mobile devices, FarmVille offers
exclusive in-game items that you can purchase. The only way to access such
items is to purchase them through the FarmVille Market when using the
FarmVille app on your iOS device.
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