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Bookmarking FarmVille on your Facebook account
Remembering to enter FarmVille's URL into your browser's address box each
time you want to play can quickly get annoying. Luckily, playing FarmVille
automatically adds the game to a Bookmarks sidebar on the left side of your
Facebook home page, as shown in Figure 2-3. The exact position of FarmVille
on this bookmarks list may change as you use other apps, but it will jump
back to the top every time you play FarmVille.
You can also bookmark FarmVille using your Web browser.
Figure 2-3: How the
FarmVille bookmark
appears on your
Facebook sidebar.
Playing directly from
If you don't want to go through the Facebook home page every time you play
FarmVille, you can also access the game directly through the FarmVille Web
site at , as shown in Figure 2-4. The game is
almost exactly the same in both Web locations — in fact, the same farm you
maintain on Facebook is accessible on, and vice versa.
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