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Figure 2-2: The Request for Permission page.
4. (Optional) Click the blue Allow button to let FarmVille send you e-mail
regarding the game.
By clicking Allow here, you give FarmVille permission to e-mail you
directly with reminders to harvest your crops as well as notifications
about gifts and special events. If you don't want to receive e-mail from
FarmVille, click Don't Allow.
The FarmVille loading page appears after you complete this step.
5. (Optional) Click Install to download and install the FarmVille Game
Bar onto your Web browser.
If you choose this option, the FarmVille game bar will appear at the top
of your Web browser the next time you restart the browser. This Game
Bar will offer reminders about the status of your crops, your pending
gift requests, and more. If you want to install the Game Bar later, see
the instructions listed in Chapter 5. Note that you need either Internet
Explorer 7 or Firefox 3.6 (or higher versions of those) to install the Game
Bar. If you use an unsupported browser to install the FarmVille app, you
will be prompted to use a different browser to install the Game Bar.
After you complete the preceding steps, FarmVille should load automatically.
If it doesn't, make sure that you've both installed the Adobe Flash Player and
enabled JavaScript. (See the sections for performing each of these tasks ear-
lier in this chapter.)
We cover details on how to start playing your newly installed game in
Chapter 3. The remainder of this chapter discusses how to best integrate
FarmVille into your normal Facebook activities and network of online
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