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Close other programs and browsers while playing FarmVille. Although
having no other applications running isn't strictly necessary, it can defi-
nitely improve the stability of your computer and help prevent frequent
Select a lower graphics setting. Clicking the Eye icon that appears in the
top-left corner of the FarmVille game area toggles the game's graphics
between high and low quality. Low-quality graphics may look rougher but
should also make the game run faster. (For more on using FarmVille's in-
game menu, see the section about navigating FarmVille in Chapter 3).
Clear your cache. Clearing your cache improves game play by making
your system run faster and more smoothly, as well as by making pages
load faster.
Creating a Facebook Account So
That You Can Play the Game
If you're not already one of the 500 million (and growing) people with
a Facebook account, you need to change that fact before jumping into
FarmVille. Luckily, signing up for Facebook is a free and easy process that
shouldn't take long. Plus, signing up for Facebook can unlock a social jour-
ney. Just be careful of “oversharing.”
Although it's tempting to post everything about you and your life on your
new Facebook account, sharing too much personal information on the
Internet, and especially on social networking sites such as Facebook, can be
dangerous. Don't include information such as your physical address or home
phone number in your profile unless you have a very compelling reason to
do so, and strongly consider using Facebook's privacy controls to allow only
your confirmed friends to view any updates you make to your profile.
To set up your Facebook account, follow these steps:
1. In your preferred Web browser, go to .
The Facebook sign-up/login page appears, as shown in Figure 2-1.
2. Sign up for your personal account by providing the following
Your first and last names.
A valid e-mail address: You need this address to confirm your
account. Don't worry; Facebook doesn't share this address with
the wider world if you don't want it to.
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