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The Internet browser you're using may affect your FarmVille farming! If you
experience lags during game play, try switching browsers. If you're a regular
Internet Explorer user, for example, try Google Chrome or another browser
and see whether performance improves.
Getting the Adobe Flash Player
In addition to a Web browser, your computer needs the Adobe Flash Player
add-on for you to play FarmVille. Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform that
allows Web sites to include interactive and animated content, including
games and videos.
You may already have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer; it
comes that way with many systems. Either way, go get the latest version of
the player by visiting and following the directions on the official Adobe Flash
Player site at .
Adobe offers a certified, virus-free version of its Flash Player for free at the
aforementioned Web site. Be wary of downloading the player from other sites
that might request payment or include malicious software with your down-
load. Also note that the free Flash Player is different from professional devel-
opment tools such as Adobe Flash Builder and Flash Professional, which do
cost money but aren't required for playing FarmVille.
Enabling JavaScript
To play FarmVille, you need to make sure that your browser has JavaScript
enabled. JavaScript lets your browser talk to the FarmVille servers and keep
the farm that you see on your screen synced with the version stored in the
Internet “cloud” of online servers.
The following sections describe how to enable JavaScript on the various
Web browsers that Zynga recommends for the game. You need to follow the
directions we provide here only if you've installed Abode Flash Player and
the game doesn't load after you install it. In each case, the game should load
properly after you complete the steps and reload the page.
Apple Safari
Enable JavaScript in Safari by following these steps:
1. Click the Gears icon.
2. On the drop-down menu that appears, select Preferences.
3. When the Preference menu opens, select the Security tab.
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