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In contrast to most games on traditional gaming consoles such as the
Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation 3, FarmVille is a Web-based game that you
can play without inserting a disc or installing any programs to your hard
drive. Your farm and the game program required to maintain it exist as part
of a series of online data centers maintained by FarmVille's publisher, Zynga.
This means that a user can employ practically any computer with an Internet
connection and a graphical Web browser to play FarmVille. We say “practi-
cally any computer” because the one you use does need to meet a few basic
requirements for you to play FarmVille on it. We describe those requirements
in the next few sections.
Getting on the Internet
This topic assumes that your computer can connect to the Internet and that
you've obtained a connection from an Internet service provider (ISP). If you
need help getting set up with an Internet connection and making your way
around the Web, check out The Internet For Dummies , 12th Edition, by John R.
Levine and Margaret Levine Young (Wiley).
Although FarmVille is playable on a dial-up Internet connection, a broadband
Internet connection greatly improves the speed and smoothness of your
farming experience. Similarly, although you don't need the latest graphics
card or expensive hardware to run FarmVille, the game may look smoother
and run its animations more quickly on a more powerful machine.
Choosing a compatible Web browser
Because FarmVille is a Web-based game, you obviously need a Web browser
to access it. Zynga suggests the following FarmVille-compatible Internet
browsers, all of which can be downloaded for free from their associated Web
Google Chrome:
Mozilla Firefox: firefox/
Apple Safari:
Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Make sure that your browser has been updated to the latest version before
going forward.
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