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Getting Set Up to Play
In This Chapter
Getting what you need to get started with FarmVille
Creating a Facebook account
Installing and playing FarmVille
Playing FarmVille on and mobile devices
So you're ready to become a virtual farmer, eh? Well, we're happy to help
you do that, but first things first: You have to make sure you have what
you need to get started. Using a computer with Internet access is the easiest
way to play FarmVille, and practically any computer that can handle a graphi-
cal Web browser can handle the game. You might need to download a few
extra programs and adjust some settings, though, and this chapter tells you
how to do that.
After your computer is all set up for FarmVille, you need
to get connected to Facebook before you start farm-
ing. This chapter tells you how to set up a Facebook
account or, if you already have one, how to install
the FarmVille app to make it playable from your
existing Facebook account.
Don't have a computer? That's okay; you can now
play FarmVille on Apple iOS devices, including the
iPhone. In this chapter, you also discover how to
find and install the mobile version of the game, and
you find out how the mobile version differs from the
versions on a traditional computer.
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