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As you level up , as the process of earning new levels is known, you earn
the ability to purchase storage buildings (discussed in Chapter 9) and farm
expansions (discussed in Chapter 6) to help your farm hold even more
items. You also earn access to more advanced features of the game, such as
vehicles that help you perform farming tasks more quickly (as discussed in
Chapter 6) and the Farmers Market, which lets you craft goods and sell them
to neighbors (as discussed in Chapter 7).
Besides experience points and levels, you can also earn more specific
achievements for certain in-game actions. These include ribbons for per-
forming certain actions a set number of times, collections for finding certain
hidden items, and crop mastery levels for harvesting certain crops fre-
quently. These achievements are discussed in more detail in Chapter 11.
As mentioned earlier in the chapter, this continuous process of farming and
improvement has no end point. Developer Zynga is constantly adding new
features and new items to keep long-time players interested (as discussed in
Chapter 10), and players often change which aspect of the game they want to
focus on as they continue to play (as discussed in Chapter 15).
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