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Entertainment and escape
Of course, the primary purpose of any game is entertainment, and FarmVille
is no different. Most virtual farmers would probably cite entertainment or
escape as the main reason they love playing FarmVille, and in today's fast-
paced world, who can blame them? For many people, escaping to the virtual
world of FarmVille is the next best thing to a real vacation that may be impos-
sible for any number of reasons. The game provides an easy, cheap way
to relieve stress, relax, and unwind. There's something about the familiar
rhythm of the plowing, seeding, and harvesting cycle that helps make the
stresses of everyday life seem just a little less stressful. The camaraderie and
companionship generated by interacting with FarmVille neighbors can also
provide a sense of community.
Understanding the Key Concepts of FarmVille
Throughout this topic, we cover the various facets of FarmVille in great
detail, of course, but the following sections give you the basics of how
FarmVille works and what you'll actually be doing in the game.
You get your own farm
After you install the FarmVille app on your Facebook account (see how in
Chapter 2), you start with a small, mostly empty farm, which we call the play
area . This farm, and the game itself, aren't actually stored permanently on
your computer, but exist on “the cloud” of FarmVille servers maintained by
developer Zynga.
Your virtual farmer begins the game owning a few plots of plowed land and a
bit of money, denominated in FarmVille's two in-game currencies: Farm Cash
and Farm Coins (discussed in detail in Chapter 5). You can purchase more of
this currency using real money, but you can also earn it simply by playing the
game, as discussed in the next section.
You can easily customize the look of your farmer (see Chapter 3), but cus-
tomizing and growing your farm to your desired specifications is a bit more
complicated and forms the bulk of the game.
You grow crops, plant trees, and tend animals
That little bit of money you start with won't last very long if you don't invest
it in profitable items. Using the mouse, you click around your farm using
in-game tools (as discussed in Chapter 3) to plow plots of land, plant crops,
and, eventually, harvest those crops for more money than you put in.
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