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The virtual world of FarmVille isn't just a place to live out your rural fanta-
sies; it can also be a canvas to express your artistic sensibilities. By carefully
setting items down in specific arrangements, you can create anything from
re-creations of famous paintings and cartoon characters to FarmVille-ized
versions of real-world architecture and three-dimensional visual effects.
True, these creations don't serve any larger economic purpose on your farm,
but as any artist can tell you, sometimes creation is its own reward.
One of the most common methods for creating FarmVille art is by stacking
multicolored hay bales next to each other in a massive grid. By treating each
hay bale like a pixel in a digital image, you can make these grids form any
image you can think of. With each hay bale costing 100 to 600 Farm Coins (see
Chapter 5 for more about amassing Farm Coins), it's definitely a pricey hobby,
but one that can generate amazing results, as you can see in Figure 1-1.
Figure 1-1: An abstract design made using FarmVille hay bales.
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