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each day is enough to keep up with most basic farming tasks. Of course, you
can play much more than that — the sheer time-sucking amount of stuff to
do and collect on your farm helps make FarmVille one of the most addictive
games out there (as more than 50 million users, as of this writing, can attest).
This chapter tells you what FarmVille is and the basics of playing the game. It
also provides some tips to help you avoid getting too engrossed in the magi-
cal world of digital crops. Welcome to green pastures and the simple life —
all controlled with the click of your mouse.
Why Millions Play FarmVille
(and You Should, Too!)
Surely there has to be some common factor that makes FarmVille appeal-
ing to so many millions. Maybe deep down inside, we all want to be farmers.
Perhaps we're intrigued by farming's Zen-like simplicity. Or could it be some
innate desire to own land and return to days of simple, natural living?
Whatever the case, FarmVille is attracting people from all walks of life.
The virtual farmers of FarmVille represent a broad range of backgrounds
and professions. Business professionals, stay-at-home moms, doctors, the
unemployed, stockbrokers, technology gurus, college students, and retirees
are living second lives as diligent Internet farmers. Even if you don't play,
chances are good that you know somebody who enjoys virtual farming.
Ease of play
Satisfying gameplay sessions in FarmVille can last as little as a few minutes,
and real-world interruptions won't ruin your progress, because the game saves
your progress constantly. What's more, playing FarmVille doesn't require your
full attention. You can easily play the game while multitasking on a conference
call, watching a mindless TV show, or waiting for dinner to cook.
With a laptop or mobile device, FarmVille can even help fill those wasted wait
times that can seem to fill up a day. Whether it's a lull in your work schedule,
an otherwise boring airport layover, a long delay in a doctor's waiting room,
or a ride on the subway, you can make it more tolerable by cashing in on
coins from the day's harvest.
Aside from the occasional withered crop, FarmVille has few of the frustrating
setbacks that can sour the experience of traditional games, such as impass-
ably tough challenges, frustratingly obtuse puzzles, or “game over” screens.
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