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Harvest value: 357 Farm Coins
XP per harvested plot: 2
Asparagus is a great mid-level crop to grow, bringing healthy rewards of XP
and coins in every 16-hour growing cycle.
Black Berries
Unlocked at: Level 29
Harvest time: 4 hours
Cost per plot: 75 Farm Coins
Harvest value: 117 Farm Coins
XP per harvested plot: 1
On a per-hour basis, black berries (yes, the game spells it as two separate
words; don't ask us, we just work here) are one of the best crops for gaining
a lot of XP quickly, provided that you can commit to keeping up with multiple
four-hour growing cycles per day. The Farm Coin rewards aren't nearly as
lucrative as some other crops but still provide a nice bonus for your efforts.
After you reach level 70, try growing clover for a similar schedule of quick
experience points.
Unlocked at: Level 5
Harvest time: 8 hours
Cost per plot: 30 Farm Coins
Harvest value: 68 Farm Coins
XP per harvested plot: 1
Pumpkins are a great crop for beginner farmers who haven't unlocked some
of the more lucrative crops yet. As the game's quickest-growing vegetable,
they provide relatively quick experience and XP rewards, and help you rap-
idly earn vegetable-related ribbons.
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