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Unlocked at: Level 32
Harvest time: 1 day
Cost per plot: 190 Farm Coins
Harvest value: 381 Farm Coins
XP per harvested plot: 3
Peas are a favorite of long-time farmers and are considered one of the best
crops in the game because of the three XP they generate in a single, one-day
planting. The 176 Farm Coin per-day profit for each plot, which includes the
cost of plowing, doesn't hurt, either. You should definitely start growing
fields full of peas as soon as you can.
Unlocked at: Level 8
Harvest time: 2 hours
Cost per plot: 20 Farm Coins
Harvest value: 46 Farm Coins
XP per harvested plot: 0
Although raspberries do not yield XP when harvested, their short growing
time more than makes up for that disadvantage. Because raspberries are
one of the quickest-growing crops in the game, a really dedicated farmer can
plant and harvest 11 fields of raspberries in a single, sleep-free day. Besides
the quite decent per-hour Farm Coin bounty from such manic harvesting,
remember that all that plowing is worth XP as well, making the quick turn-
over quite effective for your leveling up.
Unlocked at: Level 37
Harvest time: 16 hours
Cost per plot: 220 Farm Coins
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