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Welcome to FarmVille
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Understanding the key concepts of playing FarmVille
Understanding why people play FarmVille
Watching out for FarmVille addiction!
FarmVille is a Web-based farming simulation game produced by a gaming
company called Zynga. In contrast to many computer games that you
have to buy on a disc, anyone with an Internet connection and a Facebook
account can load FarmVille in his or her Web browser and play for free in an
instant. The ease of access is one of the reasons FarmVille has become so
The basic concept of FarmVille is relatively simple. You manage
your virtual farm by planting, growing, and harvesting virtual
crops; tending livestock and trees; constructing buildings
such as barns and chicken coops; and buying and selling
goods made on the farm. By completing these tasks,
you earn coins that you can spend to expand and
upgrade your farm. You also gain experience points,
which go toward earning new levels, new items, and
new gameplay opportunities on your farm. Through
weeks and months of dedicated farming, you can
build your initial small, empty farm into a massive,
thriving mega-farm bustling with life.
Whereas most games cease to exist when you turn
them off, crops and other items on your FarmVille farm
continue growing and ripening in real time, even when
you're not actively playing. Fully grown crops can wither
on the vine if they're not harvested promptly, meaning that you
may have to plan your daily schedule around your FarmVille play time
to some extent. This time-sensitive gameplay can be a little annoying, but the
game doesn't require a heavy time investment — just a half hour to an hour
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