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Ten Go-to Crops
In This Chapter
Knowing what crops to plant, and when
Maximizing Farm Coin and experience point yields
Choosing the best crops for each level of the game
A quick glance at the FarmVille Market is enough to show you that you
have a lot of seeds to choose from. Even if you aren't at a high enough
level to purchase all those seeds, choosing which crop to plant for each situ-
ation can seem overwhelming.
So how do you know what to grow on your farm? You can start by selecting
seeds that you know will be available to harvest when they ripen. You might
also want to consider the profit in Farm Coins and the number of
experience points (XP) gained from each plot of the crop you
plant. You really can't go wrong with any of the seeds listed
in this chapter. Note that even though we don't include
any limited-edition crops in this list, such crops usu-
ally yield high profits and have quick ripening times,
making them quite lucrative and smart choices for
Costs and benefits listed for the crops in this chap-
ter don't include the 15 Farm Coin cost and 1 XP
from plowing a plot of land.
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