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Farm Expansion
Even though it's not a limited-edition item, or even an item you need to spend
precious Farm Cash on, farm expansion is still one of the most sought-after
items in FarmVille. Farm expansions can be purchased with Farm Cash or
Farm Coins in the FarmVille Market. Many farmers purchase an expansion for
their farm as soon as they can, and soon thereafter find themselves wanting
more virtual land to quench their appetite for more FarmVille items and farm-
ing space.
Unlimited Storage
Besides farm expansion, more storage is one of the most common requests
from veteran farmers. With their virtual pitchforks in hand, disgruntled
famers are constantly demanding more storage from FarmVille developer
Zynga. This is especially true of farmers interested in collecting limited-
edition items — as their prized collections of decorations, animals, and build-
ings grow, they continue to run out of space on their farms.
Farmers can use storage buildings and a Storage Cellar to hold up to 500
extra items that won't fit on their farm, as discussed in Chapter 9. This
number was smaller in the past and may well increase in the future as more
and more farmers see their farms filling up with items. Unless Zynga imple-
ments some sort of unlimited storage option, though, the storage limits will
likely always seem stifling to the most devoted FarmVille players.
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