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Farmhands and Arborists
As the first truly productive items on our list, Farmhands and Arborists are
coveted for the immense time-saving services they provide. When faced
with a farm full of hundreds of ripe trees or animals, a handy Farmhand (for
animals) or Arborist (for trees) can save a farmer literally hundreds of clicks
and provide thousands of Farm Coins at the same time.
Although you can purchase both Farmhands and Arborists directly from the
FarmVille Market for five Farm Cash each, gaining them is more enjoyable
when you find them while farming or receive them as a free gift.
Lake Nessy
Lake Nessy is a limited-edition decoration based on Scotland's fabled Loch
Ness monster. This limited-edition item was available as part of FarmVille's
April Fool's Day celebration — March 31 to April 6, 2010. The prominent size
of Lake Nessy, as shown in Figure 16-7, easily distinguishes it from other
FarmVille decorations.
Figure 16-7: Lake Nessy, shown with
a farmer avatar for scale.
Nessy instantly became a treasured item thanks to its high 56 Farm Cash
price tag and limited availability. It continues to be a favorite among farmers
who appreciate its unique design and large physical size, which towers over
farmers and most other decorations.
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