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Figure 16-5: The Villa.
Although the Villa has since been surpassed as the most expensive item by
the 5,000,000 Farm Coin Mansion, the prestige associated with this rare and
beautiful decoration has not fully diminished.
Platinum Gnome
Gnomes are purely decorative items; they serve no productive purpose on
the farm. The Platinum Gnome, however, which is shown in Figure 16-6, dis-
tinguishes itself as a limited-edition item that was available only as a silver
Mystery Box prize from December 1 through December 7, 2009. Lucky farmers
who found a Platinum Gnome in their box were also rewarded with 300 XP.
You can sell a Platinum Gnome for 1,500 Farm Coins, but the prestige of
having one on your farm is worth much more than that to many farmers.
Figure 16-6: A
Platinum Gnome.
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