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appearance was on May 11, 2010, when farmers found it in a Mystery Chest.
Its final appearance thus far was on August 15, 2010, as part of the day's
Mystery Game.
If the White Stallion comes back into the FarmVille Market — and it's a good
bet that it will one of these days — you'll get 400 experience points if and
when you put it on your farm. The White Stallion can be resold for 2,000 Farm
Coins and can be harvested for 84 Farm Coins every day if it is in a Horse
Stable, or every three days if it's outside a Stable.
Black Stallion
The elusive Black Stallion, shown in Figure 16-4, is coveted for the same rea-
sons as any other Stallion — its ability to breed foals. This Stallion was one
of the rare prizes that appeared as part of the first Mystery Game, released
July 14, 2010. Its only other appearance in FarmVille was during an extremely
short, unannounced few minutes when it was available for purchase in the
FarmVille Market. Some lucky farmers who just happened to be browsing the
FarmVille Market at the time were able to snag one, but everyone else is still
waiting for the day when these majestic horses are made available once again.
Figure 16-4: A Black Stallion.
Villa At one point, the purely decorative Villa was the most expensive item you
could purchase without Farm Cash, weighing in at a cool million Farm Coins
to purchase. The Villa, shown in Figure 16-5, was — and still is — coveted
because of its high cost and because of the requirement that a farmer reach
level 34 before purchasing one. The 10,000 XP you receive for purchasing a
Villa is enough to gain an entire level in one fell swoop, making it a useful pur-
chase as a well as a beautiful one.
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