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Figure 16-2: The Lawn Jockey
as it appears on a farm.
Although no farmer who owns a Lawn Jockey is likely to sell it, a farmer can
get 50 Farm Coins if he or she decides to part with one of the rarest and most
coveted items in all of FarmVille.
White Stallion
Stallions are needed to breed horses, which makes owning one a must
for farmers who want a lot of foals around. Most farmers have to rely on
randomly finding a wandering Stallion, which stays in a Horse Stable only
temporarily. If you're lucky enough to own a White Stallion, shown in Figure
16-3, however, your days of hoping for wandering Stallions to appear will be
behind you forever.
Figure 16-3: A White
As of this writing, White Stallions have been available only three times. The
White Stallion's first appearance was from February 9 through 14, 2010, when
it could be found in a Valentine's Day-themed Mystery Box. The second
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