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Figure 16-1: The
Unwither Ring as
it appears in the
Market menu.
As of this writing, the Unwither Ring has been available only three times,
always for a beefy cost of 250 Farm Cash (which represents at least $40 in
real world currency). When the ring was first made available for purchase
as part of a Valentine's Day limited-edition theme — February 9 through
February 14, 2010 — it could be purchased only as a gift for a FarmVille
neighbor, making it even harder to obtain than most limited-edition items. To
the relief of many farmers, when the ring was re-released for limited availabil-
ity, farmers could purchase the Unwither Ring for themselves.
You can modify an Unwither Ring using a customized band and your choice
of stone, making each ring as unique as its owner.
Lawn Jockey
The Lawn Jockey was a decoration that was available only during the earliest
days of FarmVille. Because of a controversy over the somewhat racist histori-
cal associations of many real-world Lawn Jockey decorations, the FarmVille
version was removed from the game on August 28, 2009. However, players who
had already purchased jockeys got to keep them, lording their acquisition over
their neighbors and proving they've been playing FarmVille since nearly the
beginning. You can check out a lucky farmer's Lawn Jockey in Figure 16-2.
Even though Lawn Jockeys weren't a limited-edition item, the only way to
purchase them was with 8 Farm Cash, making them slightly rarer than other
items of that time. However, whereas limited-edition items are sometimes re-
released, it's probably safe to say that the Lawn Jockey will never be coming
back to the FarmVille Market.
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