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The Ten Most Wanted
FarmVille Items
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Owning the rarest FarmVille items
More land and more storage!
Not all FarmVille items are created equal. This much should be obvious
to anyone who's scanned the prices in the FarmVille market. But some
items are more unequal than others. These items are the rarest of the rare —
the most coveted and most useful items in the entire game.
Some of them are available only during brief, limited-edition events.
Others cost a dear sum in Farm Cash, or have been perma-
nently discontinued from the game.
In any case, if you manage to get your hands on any of
these ten items, consider yourself among the lucky
few. And try not to rub it in your neighbors' faces
too much, eh? No one likes a show-off.
Unwither Ring
The Unwither Ring, shown in Figure 16-1, is one of
the most expensive and coveted possessions that a
FarmVille farmer can call his or her own. If you have
an Unwither Ring, you'll never need to worry about your
crops withering again, meaning that you can come visit and
harvest your crops entirely on your own schedule.
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