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Although artists still grow crops as every other farmer does, these crops are
just a means to an end — the menial work that lets them pursue their true
artistic passion.
Artists often get a lot of visits from their neighbors because everyone is eager
to check out the ever-evolving projects on their farms.
The Collector
FarmVille collectors do just that — collect one specific item type as many
times as possible. In contrast to happy hoarders, FarmVille collectors aren't
interested in accruing just any old FarmVille decoration or item. Instead,
collectors concentrate on completing a collection that suits their fancy.
You encounter gnome collectors, building collectors, sheep collectors, tree
collectors . . . collectors for pretty much any type of FarmVille item you can
Collectors are obsessed with limited-edition items that fit with their collec-
tion, checking the FarmVille Market obsessively and breaking out their wal-
lets to spend as much Farm Cash as necessary to secure their latest bauble.
Visiting a collector's farm is always a fun experience because their prized col-
lection is usually displayed with pride.
The Zoologist
FarmVille zoologists are known for their penchant for collecting as many
animals as possible. Some strive to have at least one of every type of animal
released. Others focus on specific animal breeds. In contrast to breeders,
zoologists are not concerned with an animal's breeding capabilities. All zool-
ogists let their general love for animals override all other possible focuses on
their farm.
Zoologists need a lot of Farm Cash to pick up all the rare, new, limited-edition
animals that pop up frequently in the FarmVille Market. Animal storage is
another major concern for zoologists, who need a lot of animal shelters to
save space as well as to make harvesting all those animals a little easier.
Visiting zoologists is, unsurprisingly, like taking a visit to a virtual zoo. Such
visits can be a little annoying, though, if the zoologist doesn't have any open
plots of land that you can plow or fertilize for XP.
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