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Because every square inch of a happy hoarder's farm is typically covered
with different items, you have to be very patient when visiting to allow all
that content to load. After it does, though, be ready for your senses to be
assaulted by a veritable cornucopia of color and variety.
The Breeder
Breeders are interested in animals — specifically in using animal shelters
to produce rare offspring, as discussed in Chapter 9. Regular baby foals and
calves grow like weeds on their farms, but the limited-edition animals are the
breeder's real pride and joy.
Breeders usually have deep virtual pockets full of Farm Cash, which they
keep funded because of their need to purchase as many limited-edition ani-
mals as possible from the FarmVille Market.
It's a joy to be neighbors with breeders because they usually share their rare
offspring with you via posts to their Facebook news feed. As a result, you get
to adopt plenty of cute baby animals for your own farm without doing any of
the hard work. Don't feel bad for mooching — the breeder is happy to spread
the pleasure of baby animals around.
The Farm Master
A farm master wants to become an expert in everything FarmVille-related.
Crops, crafts, trees — if you can earn mastery stars and signs for it, the farm
master is interested in it.
Even though mastering these various items takes more time than it does any
particular skill, these farmers take pride in the sense of accomplishment they
get from excelling at everything the game throws at them You can spot a farm
master from afar by the dense forest of mastery signs that clog a corner of
his or her farm.
The Artist
FarmVille artists use their farm as a canvas. This creative farmer strives to
do something entirely unique with his or her farm, thinking outside the box
to find some exciting new uses for common FarmVille items. For example, art-
ists might craft hay bales into beautiful, three-dimensional works of art.
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