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The Exterior Decorator
The exterior decorators' main focus is the physical appearance of their
farms. These farmers are interested in having the most visually appealing
farm possible, even if it takes them a little longer to earn Farm Coins and
experience points (XP).
Exterior decorators usually change their decorations constantly, trying to
match their farm's appearance with their mood or with the season. Although
exterior decorators need to keep some crop space available to fund their
decorating habits, this functional space is usually not more than a small
corner of the farm.
Visiting these neighbors is always an interesting experience because you can
sample the latest seasonal décor without having to spend any coins or Farm
The Leveler
As their name implies, levelers are concerned primarily with earning XP and
raising their level as high as possible. Although each leveler might have his or
her own technique for leveling up, the goal of each one is the same — getting
that number next to his or her name to tick up as quickly as possible.
Levelers tend to be some of the most competitive farmers out there, and
many see farming as a blood sport. You can find these farmers' names at the
extreme right edge of your Neighbors toolbar, with XP numbers so high they
get cut off because they spill outside the available space.
Visiting a leveler's farm usually isn't very interesting. Orderly rows filled with
crops that yield a lot of experience often sit next to disorganized piles of hay
bales, perhaps with a few high-cost, high-experience buildings dotting the field.
The Happy Hoarder
“It's not hoarding; it's collecting!” is the defensive cry of this farmer. Happy
hoarders are interested in accumulating as many decorations, animals, build-
ings, and other tangible property as they can, often amassing truly ridiculous
amounts of their favorite item in carefully organized rows.
Limited-edition items are of particular interest to happy hoarders. Land
expansions are also a priority because they let the hoarder pile more junk on
his or her fields.
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