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Ten Farming Personalities
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Hoarders, breeders, collectors . . . oh, my!
What type of farmer are you?
One of the best things about FarmVille is how much it lets you customize
the playing experience. No two farmers have to play the game the same
way, although, in practice, players tend to fall into one of a few broad catego-
ries. Most players find that they have a mixture of these farming personali-
ties, and that's okay, too.
This chapter outlines ten different types of FarmVille players. Which one
describes you best?
The Functional Farmer
Functional farmers don't have room on their farm
for the frills of FarmVille. Their basic attitude is
that every plot counts and anything else takes up
precious space. Their farms are easy to spot by
their ample fields of prosperous crops with a lack
of decorations. Farm expansion is a key concern for
these farmers, who maximize their profit by growing
as many crops as quickly as possible.
Functional farmers make great co-op partners because
of their ability to grow a large amount of crops in a short
time limit. Visiting a functional farmer is a treat, too, because
his or her extremely basic farm loads quickly and usually has
plenty of plots that need fertilizing.
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