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Random text in pop-up messages
The problem: Pop-up notifications appear with random text rather than the
correct message, as shown in Figure 14-4. Common replacement text includes
error code names, repeated requests to “give me a hand” or the word “null”
in place of a player's name.
The solution: This problem should fix itself when you refresh your Web
Figure 14-4: A pop-up notification with
incorrect text.
Handling the “FarmVille Has
Been Enhanced” Notification
One of the most exciting pop-up notifications in all of FarmVille is the mes-
sage that “FarmVille Has Been Enhanced,” as shown in Figure 14-5. This
means that Zynga has just released a new version of FarmVille with new fea-
tures or gameplay fixes. When you see this notification, click the Okay button
to reload your farm.
Often, when your farm reloads, additional pop-up notifications let you know
that new items, events, or promotions are now available on your farm. This
new content often includes limited-edition items that are available for only
a short time. (See Chapter 10 for more about limited-edition items.) These
updates can also include new game features that are explained via the pop-up
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