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The solution: Restarting your browser and clearing your cache can some-
times fix these problems. If the issue persists, Zynga's servers might be
acting up — try coming back later to see whether the issue is resolved.
Strangely clad neighbors
The problem: One or more of your neighbors are shown wearing what
appears to be underwear rather than their usual clothing when you hover
over their names in the Neighbors bar.
The solution: If this issue is occurring for only a few of your neighbors, it's
probably because those neighbors have uninstalled the FarmVille applica-
tion from their Facebook accounts and are no longer playing the game.
See Chapter 3 for more on removing these defunct neighbors from your
Neighbor list.
If this issue affects all your neighbors, it is probably a temporary glitch that
will be solved the next time you load the game.
Full Screen mode not working
The problem: Clicking the Full Screen button does not cause the game to
enter Full Screen mode as it should.
The solution: Sorry, but there isn't one at this time. Try refreshing the page
or use other general fixes listed at the beginning of this section.
Avatar not displaying
The problem: Your farmer avatar appears as a white silhouette when your
farm loads.
The solution: No one has a solution as of this writing. Try the general fixes
listed at the beginning of this section.
Missing items on farm
The problem: Previously purchased items no longer appear on your farm.
The solution: Contact Zynga support (see Chapter 13 for how to do so).
Zynga will either place the item in your Gift Box or refund the price of the
missing item.
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