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The solution: First, try refreshing the page. If this doesn't work, click the
Invite Friends tab and see whether it is also blank. If it is, refresh the page
and do the same with the Free Gifts tab. If the problem persists, contact
Zynga support, as detailed in Chapter 13.
The problem: Farming actions performed during the last play session are
not reflected when you load the game the next time. Problems with saving
most commonly occur right after users expand their land and rearrange their
farms to accommodate their new space. In addition to sometimes nullifying
hours of work, in extreme cases these saving issues can cause you to lose in-
game currency with nothing to show for it, or to lose accumulated XP.
The solution: Zynga recommends staying on your farm for at least 15 minutes
before closing your Web browser or leaving the FarmVille page to avoid prob-
lems with saving your actions. If you do need to leave the FarmVille page for
any reason, Zynga recommends clicking the Facebook logo to return to your
Facebook home page before moving on to other Web pages.
If a saving issue causes you to lose any in-game currency or experience, try
contacting Zynga support using the methods detailed in Chapter 13.
Also, this should go without saying, but if a pop-up message tells you that
your farm is saving and “Please do not close your browser,” as shown in
Figure 14-3, take it seriously. Please do not close your browser!
Figure 14-3: Do not close your
browser when you see this message.
Neighbors' profile pictures
The problem: Your neighbors' profile pictures don't appear as they should in
the Neighbors bar at the bottom of the play area.
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