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The solution: Try clicking the Eye icon in the upper-left corner to reduce the
graphic quality of the game. If that doesn't help, try closing other programs
or browser tabs that are open on your computer, or try loading FarmVille in a
different browser.
The problem: The game fails to load, either freezing on the loading screen
or displaying a blank white screen where your farm should be. Alternatively,
Adobe Flash Player may report that the plugin has crashed, as shown in
Figure 14-2.
The solution: Try closing your browser completely and reloading the page
Often the game will go ahead and work on the second loading. If the problem
persists, try clearing the cache in your Web browser and reloading your farm.
(See your Web browser's help file for information on clearing the cache.) If
that doesn't work, try installing the latest version of Adobe's Flash player, as
detailed in Chapter 2. You may need to uninstall your current Flash player
before taking this step.
Figure 14-2: An Adobe
Flash Player plugin crash.
The problem: Gifts don't appear in your Gift Box after you've clicked a link
from your Facebook Requests page, or gifts that were previously in your Gift
Box are no longer there.
The solution: Although no technical fix for this error exists, Zynga may be
able to replace the gifts you've lost. Read more about contacting Zynga cus-
tomer support about gift refunds in Chapter 13.
The problem: When trying to send gifts or invite new neighbors, the box
from which you usually select friends to share with is blank and the list of
your FarmVille neighbors is missing.
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