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saving the current status of your farm (which, as we describe in Chapter 1,
is stored in the “cloud” of Zynga's servers). These errors can happen at any
time, but performing a lot of farming tasks in a short period of time or placing
large quantities of animals, decorations, and trees too rapidly seems to cause
these errors to appear more often.
Figure 14-1: An out-of-sync error message.
The solution: As the game suggests, clicking the Refresh button on your Web
browser should re-sync the game with Zynga's servers. Any farming actions
you performed in the last few minutes may not appear after your farm has
reloaded, but don't worry — you can still perform those actions again.
Note that if you continue farming without refreshing the browser after
receiving an out-of-sync warning, all your hard work may be lost. Be sure
to refresh your farm as soon as possible after the warning appears to avoid
losing more work.
Facebook news feed posting
The problem: The game freezes when you attempt to share an item with
friends through your Facebook news feeds, or the Facebook news feed dialog
box fails to appear.
The solution: Actually, this occasional problem has no known fix. Reloading
your browser page allows you to continue playing, but you may no longer
be able to share the item you were trying to post. Rest easy knowing that it's
your neighbors, not you, who will suffer most from this error.
The problem: Game animation appears choppy or laggy, or the game takes
longer than normal to respond to mouse clicks.
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