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4. Edit your picture as desired.
You may want to add text or cut off certain unsightly elements.
5. Choose File
Save As.
The Save Picture dialog box appears.
6. Enter a filename and select a location and file type for your image;
then click Save.
The picture of your farm is now saved on your computer.
Taking a screenshot on a Mac
Apple's Mac OS offers a few convenient keyboard shortcuts for taking shots
of your farm or any other elements on your screen. You can access the most
useful of these by pressing the Command+Shift+3 keyboard combination.
Doing so saves the current screen to your desktop in a PNG file containing
the words “Screen shot” and the date and time in the filename.
Alternatively, press Command+Shift+4 to transform your cursor into a cross-
hair. Click and drag this crosshair to describe a box around the area of the
screen you want to capture; next, release the mouse to save a PNG file of the
captured section to your desktop.
Troubleshooting Common Bugs and Glitches
Although FarmVille is generally pretty stable, bugs and glitches can occasion-
ally interrupt your game play, which can be very frustrating when all you
really want to do is harvest your strawberries! These glitches can be anything
from having trouble loading the game to losing crops and game items. This
section outlines some of the most common problems you might encounter
while playing Farmville as well as some simple ways to deal with them.
You can resolve many issues by reloading the FarmVille Web page, restarting
the Web browser, or restarting the computer. If other suggested fixes don't
work, try those potential solutions in that order. Also note that many issues
are simply caused by temporary problems on Zynga's servers and may be
resolved by the next time you load the game.
Out of sync
The problem: The game reports that the current game state is out of sync
with the server, as shown in Figure 14-1. All this technical mumbo-jumbo
simply means that Zynga's game servers are having trouble tracking and
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