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but this camera has some limitations, including a tiny frame that makes
taking aerial shots or full-view images of your farm difficult. To get around
these limitations, you can use your computer to capture a screenshot and
save it as a digital image by following the steps in the next sections.
Getting ready to take a screenshot
Whether you're on a PC or a Mac, take these steps to prepare to capture an
image of your screen:
1. Turn on high-quality graphics by clicking the Eye icon in the upper-
left corner of the play area until the icon turns white.
Doing so ensures that your screenshot will be of the best quality
2. Click the Full Screen button in the Tools menu.
The play area expands to take up your entire monitor, increasing the
size of in-game details and how much you can see of your farm.
3. Arrange the scene to your liking by positioning and zooming the
camera to focus on the parts of your farm you want to show.
See Chapter 3 for more on controlling the in-game camera.
Taking a screenshot on a Windows PC
Here are the steps to capturing a shot of your farm if you're on Windows:
1. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard.
You usually find this key near the Insert, Home, Delete, and End keys on
the right side of the keyboard. Press Print Screen (it might be labeled
Prt Sc or PrtScn or some other variation) to save a copy of your current
screen to the Clipboard (a temporary storage area).
2. To get the image off the Clipboard, open Microsoft Paint by clicking
Accessories and then locating the Paint program.
The application may simply be called Paint on some Windows systems,
and may be found under All Programs. If you are comfortable using a dif-
ferent image editing program, you can open it instead.
3. Choose Edit
This places a copy of the screen you captured in Step 1 on the Paint (or
other image-editing application's) canvas. You may need to click and
drag the blue square in the lower-right corner to resize your picture and
capture the entire captured screen.
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